Trail Conditions

3/31/24- Trails have closed for the season. Lets hope for a better snow seaon next winter!

We groomed 3,274 miles for the 2023-2024 season. This is an all time low for the club- our 18 year average miles groomed per season is 31,617 miles.

Reminder- ATV Traffic is not allowed on trails North of Calumet or Lake Linden until 5/1/24.

Temporary Trail Closures



Trail condidtions may change at any time.

Grooming may stop due to equipment breakdowns, temperatures, or low or extreme snow conditions.

Please ride with caution at all times, expect the unexpected. Not all obstalces may be marked due to rapidly changing conditions- i.e. water holes, snow drifts, road clearing activites, etc.

The signs on the trails are there for rider’s safety, so please DO NOT remove or destroy them- this includes adding stickers too! Adding stickers costs the program dollars and all clubs volunteers time to replace them annually.

Active Logging may be present on trails not maintained by Keweenaw Snowmobile Club.

Please Keep Out of Active Logging and obey all sings.


DO NOT GO AROUND OR UNDER THE EQUIPMENT. Wait for the operator to wave you on.

Failure to respect logging activities will result in loss of trails.

Please stay on the trails, STAY OFF THE ICE, respect private property at all times.

2023/2024 Trail Closures

Trail 120 & 121 will be closed due extensive flooding in June 2018. The DNR and the Club are Planning Repairs in Summer 2024- Stay Tuned

Current Grooming Operation Locations

For the most current grooming please become a memeber of the the GroomerTracker and see where the groomers are at currenlty or have been in the last 6, 12 or 24 hours. $5 of the $10 comes back to the club to help fund supplies and ensure trails are groomed. Its avalible on android or apple!

Daily Trail Reports or Daily Snowfall Totals can be found here: